Hello Blogging World

It’s been a while since I created this blog, but I haven’t figured out what to write and what to share here, but I want to make it a habit of putting my mind and thoughts into words.

My idea is to write about Statistics, Machine Learning and anything that I learn about and that I believe is important to share. This will help me learn by putting thoughts into what I hope will be a meaningful project for me, and, with luck, I will help someone else navigate this world of data and numbers that I find incredibly fascinating.

I hope that, whoever you are, you can find meaning in this, and I hope you can achieve your objects! I’m delighted that I can be a part of your journey.

I’ll be making use of R and Python to help with the understanding of the theory by applying it in some examples.

Emmanuelle R. Nunes
Emmanuelle R. Nunes
Senior Data Scientist

My interests include statistics, machine learning, health and social statistics.